BREAKING: Great Tension As Obasanjo Suffers Bloody Attack In Otta Farm, Today

Abubakar Tsav, a former Commissioner of Police and Commissioner at the Public Complaints Commission, PCC, Abuja, has said that former President, Olusegun Obasanjo’s continued increase in age, “has blurred his wisdom and memory”.

He stated this in an opinion article, published on Monday night, which was made available to Journalists.

Tsav criticised Obsanjo for parading a fake aura of superior wisdom, adding that, “there is potent evidence that OBJ has wronged God, and needs to plead for His forgiveness”.

“In Nigeria or Africa generally, septuagenarian or octogenarian ages are like a double-edged sword”, he wrote.

“It could be a curse or a blessing to someone, depending on how he utilizes this special favour from God Almighty, in spending these rare years of grace. So, both suffer either of these two afflictions.

“They can be treasures of wisdom in their communities or nations. But the worse experience is when such people bow to the strings of senility, and the instinctual drive of incoherence. The latter category is the problem tormenting Nigeria’s former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo (OBJ). And his case seems on the wayward side, because innately, he brooks no opposition to his views, and parades a fake aura of superior wisdom.”

He berated Obasanjo for his restlessness on the political turf of Nigeria, “making pronouncements at every point, and countering or reversing himself on national issues, in a manner that belittles his status, as an Elder Statesman”.

“More than a few Nigerians believe Nigeria has found itself in the subsisting mess President Muhammadu Buhari has bent backwards to re-fix, because the likes of the nation’s former Leaders like OBJ, fretted away the golden opportunities they had to consolidate on the foundation laid by the country’s founding fathers and nationalists”, Tsav argued.

“Therefore, the problems of Nigeria are created and nurtured to fruition by OBJ. But how he finds the conscience to exonerate himself, and a heart to blame other Leaders who are more transparent and honest with the leadership of Nigeria, remains baffling. But it is not strange, if anyone is acquainted with OBJ’s obsequious character.”

Describing Obasanjo as a man in need of God’s forgiveness, he said: “Truth is sacred, and it must be told, no matter who is embittered by it. The series of gaffes committed by OBJ, is an indication that he has more issues with ageing than President Buhari.

“His inconsistency in actions and utterances, have confirmed it indubitably. Conversely, Buhari has never changed, unlike OBJ, his accuser, who changes from time to time, like a chameleon. He needs real help to overcome his multiple personality issues, from his nuclear family, to politics and leadership, which many believe undoubtedly is as a result of his age, which has blurred his wisdom.

“Those close to OBJ should begin to tinker with the idea of working on his senses and public outings. He is bringing too much shame on himself and his family, for no justification. For all it takes, OBJ is not the only former President of Nigeria still alive. There are the likes of Gen. Yakubu Gowon, Gen. Abdulsalam Abubakar, and Gen. Ibrahim Babangida. But none of them is this excited on checkmating every shadow of the occupant of Aso Rock. And until recently, when he joined his ancestors, Alhaji Shehu Shagari was choosy in commenting on national affairs.

“There is potent evidence that OBJ has wronged God, and needs to plead for His forgiveness. It is shameful that OBJ who is a supposed Elder Statesman, will embark on such an empty voyage to satisfy his ego and pride.  A genuine Christian ought not to be as vindictive as OBJ portrays himself everywhere. He needs prayers and God’s attention urgently.”


1 thought on “BREAKING: Great Tension As Obasanjo Suffers Bloody Attack In Otta Farm, Today”

  1. Mr Tsav, are you turning yourself to a god. Or are you forcing it on the Almighty? When OBJ was criticizing GEJ you never spoke against him. You enjoyed every bit of OGJ’s outbursts on GEJ – even his coming to a television station to tear his party’s id card. These, you and your cohorts appreciated because he ensured that GEJ was branded a failure so as to pave way for Buhari to emerge as Nigeria’s president in 2015. Please, your take is distasteful indeed!


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