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Feb. 23!!! Endless Curses On Buhari, APC, As New Couples Lose Millions For Wedding Cancellation, Nationwide

Following the last minute announcement by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, of the postponing of the 2019 general elections, which was slated to kick off today, Saturday, February 16, but will now take place on February 23, one week after, about to be wedded couples around the country, have vented their anger and frustration, on the losses they are about to suffer financially, based on the very sudden announcement by INEC, without any notice.

Recall, that INEC announced the postponement of the 2019 elections officially, just about 2:30am, very early on Saturday morning, which has caused a lot of confusion nationwide.

Reacting, many Nigerians have blamed the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, and President Muhammadu Buhari, its Presidential Candidate, for the sudden shift of the elections; citing violence, violent talks, tampering with election materials, as some of the reasons INEC was forced to move the elections by a week, so suddenly.

Speaking to newsmen, Bimbo and Bolu, a couple who had set their wedding date for Saturday, February 23, the new date for the Presidential and National Assembly elections, expressed serious frustration with the sudden shift of the elections.

They complained: “What kind of country do we really come from? What kind of insensitive President is this so called Mr. Integrity, in the name of President Buhari? How did we get here at all? How do you move an election on the morning of the elections? How do you do that, knowing fully well that people must have made plans; people have risked their lives on the road and in the air, traveling, despite the hardship. Do you expect them to travel back, and then travel again this week, with which money? This is very very bad.

“On our own part, our wedding, as well as many other couples who we do not even know, is next weekend. Many of us shunned today’s date for our weddings, and chose next week, all because of this almighty elections. We have made plans, sent invites, ordered drinks, food, sold asoebis, and the worst of all, paid for hall. How do we get another near date for the hall we have rented. We tried to call the Hotel, but the hall has been booked for the next Saturdays till May. Who do we run to? Who will compensate us?

“This government of Buhari has really been unfair to us, they have been very intensive to our plight as Nigerians, who have been managing out lives without their support. And for this inconvenience they have caused us, may it not be well with them. And if anyone should die this period, because of this madness they have caused our country and its poor people, may their bloods be on their head. I have said my peace. Thank you.”


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