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BREAKING: Obasanjo Shakes The Entire Nation, Delivers The Greatest Message In The History Of Nigeria

Former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, has called for peace in the country, calling on all Nigerians not to lose hope, despite the hardship the country has been faced with in recent times, coupled with the bad leadership.

Speaking further, the former very outspoken President, challenged all Nigerians, to think and figure out, “What Is The Nigerian Dream”.

The former President spoke at a Book Launch, titled: “Politics As Dashed Hopes In Nigeria”, by Auwalu Anwar, on Thursday, January 31, 2019.

He said: “What should be our take home from here? I think there are two things: one, yes, things may be gloomy; yes, things may not be what they should be; yes, leadership may be under-performing; we must not lose hope. That is the first one.

“The second thing, I believe we must have some commonalities, that we will all hang on to. One, our common nationality, Nigeria. May be there is also… This is the time when we must have a Nigerian Dream. What is the Nigerian Dream? What can I hang on to and say yes I am a Nigerian, and because I am a Nigerian, I expect this. What is the Nigerian Dream?

“And I believe if we all see ourselves first as Nigerians, and then we enunciate for ourselves a Nigerian Dream, a land flowing with milk and honey, a land of opportunity, a land that gives you a stake in all that it takes, I think we would have a country, that we can all be proud of.”


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