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The Very Powerful Obasanjo Refuses To Keep Shut, MUST Get General Buhari Out Of Aso Rock

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Former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, has on Wednesday, attacked President Muhammadu Buhari, yet again.

The former President, who was the Guest Speaker, at the Island Club Quarterly Business Lecture, on Wednesday, criticised Buhari for his very lengthy, absence from Office and the country, on medical grounds.

“In the years since he was sworn-in as President of Nigeria, in 2015, Buhari has spent 104 days outside the country, on medical vacation”, Obasanjo said.

However, speaking on the competence of Atiku, Obasanjo said that since he did not spend 104 days outside the shores of the country, people may not know that Atiku stood in his stead in many capacities, while they were in charge of the country’s administration.

According to Obasanjo, contrary to popular belief, Atiku presided over several Federal Executive Council, FEC, meetings, under his 1999-2007 administration, on the latter’s vacation outside the country.

He also stated that one of the most ridiculous claims he has heard, is that he did not trust Atiku, who was his Vice, to preside over the FEC.

His words: “That is not true, because he (Atiku) had occasions to preside a few times that I was out of the country on duty. On those occasions, he was in charge of the FEC meetings, and no Nigerian Chief Executive has devolved to his Deputy, as much as I did to Atiku.

“I did not need to designate him ‘Acting President’, because the Constitution is clear; once the President is not available, the Vice President automatically acts with full powers, and he consults when and if he considers it necessary.

“But since I was not absent from home for 104 days, at a time, people may not know that Atiku actually stood in for me whenever I was out (of the country). You have a man who has what it takes in experience, exposure, lessons that he has learnt, and he has learnt his lessons. I tried to teach him a few of them. You have a man who has what it takes at this time for us to have a change, and we need a change for the better.”


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