Former IGP, Ibrahim Idris, Faces Immediate Arrest, As Ag. IGP, Mohammed Adamu, Begins Major Investigation

The Acting Inspector-General of Police, Ag. IGP, Mohammed Adamu, was said to have on Thursday, January 24, asked members of an Election Committee, set up by the immediate past IGP, Ibrahim Idris, to explain how about N311.640 million given to the Committee, was disbursed.

Daily Independent Newspaper, reported that Force Headquarters sources allegedly hinted that some of the Committee members reported for investigation and were interrogated, but were allowed go back to their various Commands.

The Newspaper said that the source could not, however, disclose the number of those who reported and their ranks.

The Ag. IGP, was said to have directed Deputy Inspector-General of Police, DIG, Mohammed Katsina, to interrogate them.

It was reported that the Chairman of the Committee, a Commissioner of Police, was absent, because President Buhari was visiting his zone. The details of the interrogation were not immediately known, however.

Daily Independent investigations, revealed that the former IGP had written to President Muhammadu Buhari, in December 2018, requesting for the money.

It was learnt that dependable sources disclosed that a certain amount was eventually released to the Committee.

Investigations further revealed that, Idris coded the Committee as ‘Pre-Election Threat Analysis & Security Measures’.

The Committee was headed by a Commissioner of Police, CP, and two other CPs, as well as three Deputy Commissioners of Police, DCPs, including the DCP in charge of Transport, as members.

According to findings, others in the Committee were: former Force Public Relations Officer, Ag. DCP, Jimoh Moshood, five Assistant Commissioners of Police, ACPs, Assistant and Deputy Superintendents of Police, ASPs, and DSPs, as well as Inspectors and Sergeants.

“They were about 200 in number”, a source at the Force Headquarters was quoted to have said.

Investigations further revealed that Idris had informed the Presidency, that the Committee would be spread to the six geo-political zones, and secretly comb the zones of any threat to peaceful elections.

It was also gathered that the former IGP stated in the letter that: “The Committee will monitor the six geo-political zones for 30 days, before the elections begin.”

That implied that the Committee was supposed to start the monitoring exercise, on December 15, 2018, and round off on January 15, 2019.

The newspaper also noted that a source close to the Committee, hinted that some members of the Committee in the South-East geopolitical zone, were still in operation, as at Wednesday, January 23, 2019.

Investigations also revealed that Idris, in the letter to the President, budgeted N24 million, to fuel 80 vehicles that were supposed to cover the six geopolitical zones for 30 days, another N70 million, was budgeted to service some equipment.

Similarly, N6 million was budgeted for the Media, for the six geopolitical zones.

According to the newspaper, senior Officers were to get N500,000 as allowance for the 30 days, but a member of the Committee disclosed in confidence, that CPs got N420,000, while rank/file got N5,000 each for 30 days.

According to the newspaper, the Force Public Relations Officer, FPRO, Assistant Commissioner of Police, ACP, Frank Mba, when contacted on phone, said he could not “confirm the veracity of the report”, adding that, “I am yet to be briefed on it.”


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