Offset’s father blasts Cardi B, says she “screwed” his “whole family over”


Offset’s father went on a Facebook group to blast Cardi B for being the cause of troubles in his son’s life and in their family. He also made some revelations about the drama going on behind the scenes in their relationship.

Michael Woodward, who is Offset’s stepfather, is a member of a Facebook group for fraternity and sorority Alpha Phi Alpha and Alpha Kappa Alpha. In the group, he is believed to go by the name Tony Pla.

Over the weekend, Michael reportedly wrote a lengthy post about how Cardi B has been trouble for his son and has tried to sabotage the release of Offset’s album and cause chaos and confusion for their family.

He added that Cardi B being on the same financial level as Offset, or possibly richer than him, has been a recipe for disaster. He added that Cardi released the photo of Kulture after their breakup to take away the surprise factor because Offset was planning to unveil the baby’s face on his album.

Here’s the full rant from the group’s page:


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