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Big Trouble As Nigeria Police Quickly Moves Deji Adeyanju Out of Abuja, After Powerful Order From Above

Deji Adeyanju

The Nigeria Police, has moved an Activist and Convener of Concerned Nigerians, Deji Adeyanju, to Kano State, to verify claims that he was acquitted and discharged in a murder case by Justice Mohammed Haliru, of the Kano High Court, in 2014.

An Associate of the Activist, Dare Atoye, disclosed that Adeyanju, who had been in custody since last Thursday, was taken to Kano State, on Tuesday.

Adeyanju’s Lawyer, Tolu Babaleye, had stated that his client was being detained in connection with a murder charge, for which himself and three others were acquitted, over four years ago.

According to him, despite denying the allegation of homicide and providing the Certified True Copy of the judgment, which acquitted and discharged him of the charge, the Police had refused to let him go.

The Lawyer said: “Despite the statement, the Police instead of proving the guilt of our client, insisted on him proving his innocence, by providing Certified True Copy of the said judgment exonerating him of culpable homicide allegation.

“Our client who is sure of his acquittal, went out of his way to produce a copy of the judgment, and served same on the Inspector-General of Police, on Monday, and a copy was also made available to the Investigating Police Officer, in Louis Edet House.”

He added: “On receipt of the said judgment from us, the IPO (Investigating Police Officer), made a statement that made us to be curious, and to know that something is fishy, when he said the Police wanted to revisit a case that had been decided by a competent court of law, and which case is now caught up with the long established principle of ‘utre fois acquit’, which makes the case a dead issue that cannot be reawakened.”

Babaleye queried the rationale for the detention of his client, noting that, the Force had restricted access to Adeyanju, since he was clamped into the cell, last week Thursday.

He noted: “Looking at the charge in issue, four persons were involved, namely Alhaji Muhammad Baba, Adeyanju, Musa Daura, and Kabiru Ahmad; why did the Nigeria Police arrest only Adeyanju?

“Why did the Police not conduct an investigation first, to find out the true position of things about this case that had already been decided in favour of our client? Why did the Nigeria Police not arrest the three other persons, if it is sure of revisiting this dead issue?”


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