JUST IN: Senator Shehu Sani Returns From Sudan, With Shocking News About ‘Buhari, The Jubril Sudan’, Reveals The Whole Truth

If Tinubu fails, there will be mass defection from APC ...

Senator Shehu Sani, has revealed what the Sudan authorities told him about President Muhammadu Buhari being ‘dead’ and cloned as ‘Jubril’.

The Senator who spoke on his visit to Sudan, said that the authorities told him that Buhari was not cloned and replaced with Jubril.

He reiterated that the reports of Buhari being cloned, was all fiction.

The Kaduna Lawmaker, wrote on his Twitter page: “When I went to Sudan, I asked them if they know of any Jubril, they say they do not.

“Jubril is our own fictitious Jessica, like in the Merchant of Venice.”

Recall, that President Buhari had on Sunday, in far away Poland, dismissed the allegations that he was dead and replaced as ‘Jubril Sudan’.

The President at an interactive session with the Nigerian Community in Krakow, Poland, described the authors of the confusion about him, as ‘‘ignorant and irreligious’’.

He said: ‘‘A lot of people hoped that I died during my ill health. Some even reached out to the Vice President to consider them to be his Deputy, because they assumed I was dead.

“That embarrassed him a lot, and of course, he visited me when I was in London convalescing… It is real me; I assure you.”


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