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JUST IN: Nigerian Army Removes A Top Igbo Military Officer From Juicy Position, Appoints A Northerner As Immediate Replacement

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The Cable, an online media, is exclusively reporting that the Nigerian Army has replaced Texas Chukwu, as its Spokesman.

A Military source told The Cable (Not Post-Nigeria), that Chukwu’s removal followed the outcry from different quarters, on his “inability” to manage information on the counter-insurgency campaign.

“Chukwu was not attune with Media management, and did not sustain the efforts already in place”, the source said.

“A good Public Relations Officer always responds to critical national issues on time and provides solutions. His inefficiency did not only affect the Army’s efforts, but made the Military a subject of embarrassment in the eyes of the world.”

The source added that Sani Usman had been reinstated as the Spokesman of the Army.

A Senior Military Officer listed Chukwu’s alleged poor management of several incidents of boko haram, as some of his flaws.

“Chukwu’s handling of the recent Boko Haram incidents did not help in managing the situation, thereby embarrassing the Chief of Army Staff, and the Commander-in-Chief”, he said.

When contacted by The Cable, Chukwu confirmed that he had been replaced, but said that it was because of a Course he ought to attend at the NIPSS.

“There must be progress. I am going to NIPSS for study. You know there are some Courses you would take before getting promoted to Major-General. It is true. I am no more the Army Spokesman. SK Usman would take over. He just returned from course, too”, he told The Cable.

Usman also confirmed to The Cable that he had returned to his former position.

He appealed for support and thanked all those who supported him during his time at the NIPSS.

“I wish to on behalf of my family, thank all those that called or sent congratulatory messages, as I graduated from NIPSS, Kuru, bagged the highly respected Membership of the National Institute (mni), and inducted into the Alumni Association of the National Institute (AANI), since Saturday, 24th November, 2018”, he said in a message sent to The Cable.

“I also like to inform you that I have also been re-appointed as Director Army Public Relations, with effect from Monday, 26th November, 2018. I look forward to your continued support and cooperation. May God continue to bless and protect you and your family.”


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