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BREAKING NEWS: Respect Your Old Age – Goodluck Jonathan ‘Shuts Up’ President Buhari, Blows Hot, 72-Hours After His Book Launch

Former President, Goodluck Jonathan, has fired back at the Presidency, over a statement countering claims of corruption in President Muhammadu Buhari’s government.Jonathan made his reaction known through his ex-aide, Reno Omokri, via his Twitter handle.Recall, that President Buhari through his Spokesman, Garba Shehu, on Thursday, denied the allegation made by Jonathan in his book, ‘My Transition Hours’, that the present administration is more corrupt than previous ones.

The Presidency, said that the allegation lacked empirical evidence to back the claims, and that the 16 years of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, was a waste, especially on infrastructural development, despite the humongous money available to the government through oil.

However, reacting, Omokri countered Garba Shehu, saying that the achievements under Buhari’s administration, are questionable and full of ‘lies’.

On his Twitter page, he wrote: “Garba Shehu you are a LIAR, and a disgrace to anyone who was ever a Presidential Spokesman. Iweala’s book says she warned the Governors, but APC Governors led by Chibuike Amaechi, refused to save. Respect your old age and stop LYING

“It is not Goodluck Jonathan who said there is more corruption, it was Transparency International. According to @anticorruption, Nigeria made her worst retrogression in corruption under Buhari, moving 12 steps backward, from 136 in 2014, to 144 this year

“Garba Shehu respect your old age. Stop lying. The only Federal University in Buhari’s State was built by Jonathan. He built 165 almajiri schools, Abuja-Kad railway, 4 power stations, 4 hospitals. What has your boss built? No project finished in 4 years.

“Garba Shehu leave Jonathan and face your lying government. Tunde Fashola tells Yorubas to vote Buhari, and SW will get the Presidency in 2023. Boss Mustapha tells Igbos to vote Buhari and get Presidency in 2023. You cannot even harmonise your LIES.

“Tell Nigerians how your boss, President Buhari went to Paris and praised @GovUmarGanduje, a man caught on camera hiding dollar bribes in his #BabanrigaMobileBanking. Your government has no credibility.

“Shehu you lie without shame. For 16 years, PDP only borrowed ₦7 trillion. In just 3 years, Buhari has borrowed ₦13 trillion. Tell Nigerians the truth. Leave lies for Lai Mohammed and Keyamo. You speak for the President. Stop LYING.

“Your boss’s certificate is questionable. Your #NextLevel logo is questionable. Aso Rock plagiarised speeches for Buhari. Aisha’s ADC looted billions. You steal Jonathan’s project and you reinstated and promoted a thief like Maina, and you are talking?”


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