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Tyrese Gibson’s ex-wife, Norma, refuses to work and here’s why

Tyrese Gibson

Tyrese Gibson’s doesn’t understand why his ex-wife and mother of his daughter wouldn’t work, leaving him carrying the financial weight. Well, now she has an answer for him.

According to new court documents in their child support battle, Norma Gibson says she thinks “living life” qualifies as a real occupation.

She spends a lot on babysitters for their 11-yewr-old daughter and this has angered Tyrese. 

In docs, obtained by TMZ, Tyrese says Norma sat for a deposition and his attorney asked her what she did on August 21, a day when she racked up 7 hours of childcare bills. In reply, Norma said she was busy “living life.”

According to the documents, she further explained: “I am working. I am working on my book. I am working on my life. I am running errands at home.”

Tyrese’s attorneys say Norma feels no obligation to contribute financially to raising their child because Tyrese is rich and will cover everything. 

Tyrese reportedly has no problem with paying child support but he is angry that Norma is making him pay her attorney fees.


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