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‘We don’t need you to give us money, just provide the enabling environment’ – Ali Baba tells President Buhari

Legendary Nigerian comedian, Ali Baba has written a note to President Buhari urging him to create an enabling environment and enact policies that will promote the arts sector.  

‘Like we told those before you, Mr President, we don’t need you to give us money. Just provide the enabling environment, nd we will be the ones to give you money’ he wrote.

He went on to say, ‘let the government make a deliberate attempt to promote the arts. Piracy laws. Structure for enforcement of those laws. Film villages. Museums. Creative fora. Cinemas.

Promotion of culture and tourism just like you promote crude oil…. then we will show you the money.

Sir, you see all these meetings you are having, we have held them before… plus several breakout sessions. Only to be forgotten. And remembered just at the dawn of another election.


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