Check Out How Nigerians are reacting to the Cardi B and Nicki Minaj fight


American female rappers, Nicki Minaj and Carbi B are the top trending topics on Nigerian social media following their fight at the Harper’s Bazaar’s in New York last night.
According to eyewitnesses, Cardi B aggressively approached Nicki who was with her crew at a table at the party, and said she wanted to speak with Nicki and address the lies she was spreading about her. As she was talking aggressively, a security protecting Nicki elbowed Cardi B in the face and that was when she lunged towards Nicki but fortunately, security stopped her. Cardi then removed her shoes and hauled it at Nicki, missing her

See all the hilarious reactions below…


All the news are like “cardi b and nicki minaj get into huge fight at new york fashion week” bitch, no cardi tried to fight, nicki didn’t give a fuck

Cinderella Man


Cardi B is the woman everyone tells you not to be like

She used to strip

So the route eas for her to get washed up and fade away

But she re wrote her story and i am proud of that woman

Do2dtun Energy gad


Finally, you all got what you wanted right?. Cardi B, Nicki beef. These guys were very fine until your comments & comparisons brought the worst out them. you all wanted one Queen abi. Now you have it, new episode of Game of Thrones USA


Wasn’t Nicki doing the “Miley was good” shit. Ready to fight Hannah Montana but with Cardi, no energy? She is yelling “bitch you crazy”.

If Nicki was clued up about Love and Hip Hop, she would have an idea how mad Cardi is


Ugh everyone is bugging me getting on @iamcardib ‘s nuts. I have a child and you coulda caught more than a little shoe for putting my child’s name in your bad minded mouth.

🔥✊🏾 #BLACKLIVESMATTER!!@acknowledgeknow

Rah Ali always in some drama. I guess, she so used love hip hop ways that all she can do is fight everywhere she goes. Cardi B stood her ground thats all that matters. You can’t talk bout nobody kids. Smh.

Nicole Naledi@nicole_msibi

So in that entire room full of people, only one person took a video of that Nicki and Cardi altercation and it had to be the homie with the damn 2003 motorola razr V3.

Fεяgiε Obi@iam_fergie

Those security for use style let Cardi near Nicki small..

El Che


If it really comes to it, cardi go beat Nicki die.


I can’t wait for NM5 and Cardi diss track omg

DJ Akademiks


Cardi B has had enough of Nicki Minaj . Exposes her on instagram… said she checked nicki twice and nicki was copping pleas 😐

Cinderella Man


Only you

Dragged safaree
Dragged baby stormi
Dragged Kylie

Something is wrong with Nicki


Go to sleep for one second & wake up to:

-Cardi B, Nicki Minaj & entourage plus Rah Ali altercatation @ Fashion week

– Mary J. Blige & Faith Evans fight @ Diddy’s Party in the Hampton’s

– And THEN George Zimmerman threatens Beyoncé’s life

Yo! what in the LHH…?

Fresh Prince@iamwytunes

Don’t let this Cardi B and Nicki Minaj fight distract you from the fact the Nigeria is the Poverty capital of the World

Child Of Lady Gaga@MonsterGagaKing

This Cardi B vs Nicki Minaj thing is so hilarious but we found out that Nicki is mental ill for sure. I think it is time for Nicki to leave music scene forever. She is flopping anyway 🙂


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