Shocking Footage From Typoon Jebi Shows Heavy Winds Upturning Cars

11 people have been reported dead and over 600 have been injured as the powerful Typhoon Jedi leaves a trail of destruction across Japan.

The deadly Typhoon Jebi is Japan’s most powerful storm in 25 years. It has left a trail of damage to infrastructure, ripping off roofs, overturning vehicles and cutting power.

Of the 11 deaths, eight people died in the western prefecture of Osaka, including four men, who fell from upstairs or the roofs of their houses after apparently being hit by strong winds, broadcaster NHK reported. Three others died after they were hit by flying objects, the report said.

Also, as a result of the deadly Typhoon Jebi, a major international airport in western Japan has been closed, with thousands of people evacuated, BBC reports. Kansai airport, a major transport hub serving Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto, was cut off when an ocean tanker hit and damaged its bridge to the mainland.

Kansai International Airport is built on a man-made island and is linked to the mainland by the bridge. But the airport’s bridge to the mainland was damaged when a tanker hit it. The tanker was unmoored by the strong winds of Typhoon Jebi and drifted into the bridge. Runways were also flooded at Kansai airport.

The airport remained closed on Wednesday, leading to the cancellation of 162 flights, and it is still unknown when it will be back to normal operation.



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